Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chapter1: The First Day--Alyssa

"I can't believe he's riding with us! How could you do this to me? You're my sister! How about some loyalty, huh?" I am seething with rage.
Lexi exhaled loudly and rolled her eyes at me. "Okay drama queen, calm down. I didn't do anything to you, Aly. We all planned to drive to Tennessee together months ago, its not my fault you and Scott broke up."
I glared at my sister. "We didn't break up. He broke with me!" Lexi rolls her eyes again as if that fact doesn't make a bit of difference. "He humiliated me Lexi! I told him that I loved him and that I wanted to sleep with him instead of being happy, he dumped me!" How could she not have any idea how much it hurts to have the person you love not want you. It hurts so much that sometimes I can barely breathe.
My sister's lips purse in silence. I know that deep down she is just as pissed as I am, but the tiny issue of her marrying Scott's older brother Luke in four days, prohibits her from embracing her anger. Which is stupid because I was her sister before she was Luke's fiance. Her loyalty should be to me.
I am staring out the window of our dining room waiting for Luke to pull up, and Lexi is checking and double checking our luggage.
To say that Alexis Fitzgerald is a control freak is a major understatement. However, her pending nuptials have given a new definition to the term Bridezilla. My sweet, mature, responsible sister has disappeared ,in her place is a psycho-bitch-bride-to-be. Scott told me that ever since their engagement, Luke has to down a couple shots or Tequila before he can even discuss the wedding with Lexi. My sister's one special day has turned into six months of hell for the rest of us.
The only highlight of this wedding that I get to spend two days in the Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee at a posh resort. That and my totally fierce Maid of Honor dress that looks fabulous on me.
"Their not here yet?" Lexi calls from the upstairs bathroom, probably making sure she brought every single toiletry she has. "They were supposed to be here at eight!"
I looked down at my watch, a white gold Fossil given to me by guess who, "it's only five after, Lex."
"That's late!" She snaps. "We have reservations at a hotel in Georgia, and I want to get there before midnight." Lexi is panicking. Her voice is reaching that scary, squeaky octave that ensures harm to the closest object...or person. If look doesn't get here soon, he might endure some bodily harm.
"Wait!"I scream, now that what she had said has registered. "We're staying in a hotel?" I am sure I didn't hear her right. She wouldn't be that stupid.
Lexi walks back into the dining room. "Yes, Alyssa," She says this like I have asked her this question a million times and she is tired of answering it. "I want to be well rested for my wedding weekend and driving through the night will leave bags under my eyes."
I crossed my arms over my chest and narrowed my eyes at her. "How many rooms did you reserve?"
"One for you and me and one for them, right?"
Lexi pulls her long, gold hair back into a low ponytail to avoid looking at me.
"Right?" I growled. Obviously she was that stupid.
"Aly come on. Be reasonable, it's one night. And it's the only alone time Luke and I will have until our wedding night." Her brown eyes are pleading with me to understand.
Normally, her puppy dog look works on me, but not this time. There is just so much wrong with what she is asking. "Hell no, Lexi, I am so not sharing a hotel room with an ex-boyfriend who finds me too repulsive to screw." I inhale a quick, painful breath and continue. "It's bad enough that I have to spend the next four days in the same vicinity as him, two of them confined in a SUV. I have to walk down an aisle holding his arm, pretending that he didn't shatter my heart a few weeks ago." I blinked back hot tears that are pooling in my eyes. "I am not staying in the same hotel room with Scott. Please Lexi!" I croak quietly. "I can't handle it!"
Lexi doesn't respond, she just nods and moves her gaze over my shoulder, eyes widening in shock.
"What?" I snap as I spin around to see what is behind me.
Standing in the entryway of my dining room is an uncomfortable looking Luke, and behind him is Scott. I can tell they just witnessed my little breakdown.
Hoping to reclaim some of my dignity I turned by back on them and stormed upstairs, running as fast as my feet would take me.

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